Our Actors work in Major Film + Television Projects in LA

Trevor Nagle

Wynton Odd

I’ve had the pleasure of attending First Take Acting for several years now – both in person and online – and it has been nothing short of a groundbreaking journey. I’ve grown so much through consistent, weekly practice and detailed notes & class discussions. From challenging scenes that help me tap into something deeper, to the light-hearted and fast-paced comedy, they’ve helped me stretch my capacity for the better while having fun! My default at times is to be numb to the world but it’s an empowering feeling when I’m coached through scenes and able to feel my heart care for what my character goes through. Sounds woo-woo I know, but it’s powerful and the world could use more empathy & compassion. 🙂

Training at First Take has prepared me for countless high caliber TV/Theatrical auditions and commercials. Auditioning for Disney, HBO, Starz, CBS and others, I’m often dumbfounded by the opportunities I’ve received but I can only attribute it to sharpening my skills with First Take (plus some faith and luck). During classes we get to hear stories of who auditioned for what, who booked what, and their on-set experiences; I find it encouraging that I’m in the right place to thrive and it’s just a matter of time!

I’ve learned that against all obstacles, purpose and passion will take us far. Pursue your dreams, hone in on them and continue to move forward while enjoying the process! (A constant self-reminder!)