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Why Choose First Take?

An Outstanding Reputation in the San Francisco Bay Area

First Take Acting school has gained a solid reputation amongst prominent film and television Casting Directors for being the first choice when it comes to hiring actors in San Francisco. Why? Because they know First Take Acting school students are well trained, professional, educated about the business, and prepared to work at the highest level. Check out our different classes and also Sit in on a class for FREE.

James Carraway as "Shorty" in Zodiac
First Take student James Carraway as “Shorty” in Zodiac

Proven Successes

There are several film acting schools to choose from in San Francisco, but very few can distinguish themselves as the best film acting school with a proven track record of breaking numerous actors into the extremely challenging and competitive film and television industry. First Take has that track record – in fact a high percentage of First Take actors consistently audition and work in Los Angeles, and they do it while living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Moreover, many of our actors are represented by prestigious Hollywood theatrical agents even though they don’t live in Los Angeles. That’s how confident they are in the quality of First Take actors. Sounds too good to be true? Take a look at our Successes page to see what some of our actors have been doing.

First Take student Miranda Lilley in AMC’s Emmy Award winning “Mad Men”

The First Take Acting Method: An Integrated Approach

Classes at First Take acting school offer a truly integrated approach to learning both the craft and the business of acting. Through a foundational, all encompassing approach, actors of all levels are trained from the very first day of class to attain a professional standard in this demanding art form. By using a disciplined method of script analysis as well as the application of specific imagination techniques, the actor is trained and encouraged to be thorough in his preparation so that he may be truthful and spontaneous in the work. First Take instructors guide actors towards a deeper understanding of themselves in the work, and how their own authenticity is of paramount importance. Through this unique and holistic approach to the craft, not only do students grow as actors, but as people too. Check out our different classes and also Sit in on a class for FREE.

One of the main differences between First Take acting school and other programs in San Jose or San Francisco is in the immersion concept. Many film acting schools teach actors through repetitive drills and exercises which presumably build upon each other after a specific period of time based on the curriculum offered. First Take instructors encourage students to work at their own pace while being fully immersed in the entirety of the method from day one. This allows students to progress more quickly – solidifying their skill set and learning how to truly and consistently free fall in the work, without reliance on tricks, gimmicks, or habits of limited usefulness.

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First Take student Seema Lazar in ABC’s “No Ordinary Family”


Business knowledge, as well as career planning and progression are often left as mere afterthoughts to most actors. This is an enormous mistake! No matter how skilled and experienced the actor is in his craft, if he does not understand how the business of “show business” works he will find himself at a huge disadvantage. As part of the integrated approach, First Take acting school students are not only taught a proven acting technique, but they are also knowledgeable on the finer points of the Los Angeles film and television industry. Our film acting acting classes teach concepts such as: how to get an agent, effective communication with Casting Directors, proper auditioning etiquette, how to join SAG, the best way to go about headshots, how to videotape an audition, and so much more are covered throughout the time a student is enrolled at First Take.

Check out our different classes and also Sit in on a class for FREE.


First Take student Kumi Yoshida with Jude Law in “Contagion”


One of the many reasons First Take students excel is the safe and nurturing environment in which they work. Actors of all levels work together in a mutually beneficial relationship that is almost unheard of at most acting schools in San Francisco. Instead of stratifying actors into various groups based on their experience levels, all actors are immersed in the same environment. This creates a dynamic environment whereby beginners learn by watching and working with more experienced students, and more experienced actors are pushed by virtue of their material selections, as well as internal and external expectations. In all cases, actors are moved forward by increasing the demands put upon them by the acting class instructor and by the challenges they embrace themselves. It’s hard work that requires commitment and focus, but with diligence comes the rewards of real and measurable growth that the actor can apply towards advancing their own particular career objectives.

In short, First Take is the best, most effective film acting school in the Bay area. The proof is in the booking!

Check out our different classes and also Sit in on a class for FREE.