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Rosie Cruz

“Nancy Berwid has given me a solid and yet simple methodology that helped me to create a foundation to the ‘work’ as an actor.”

“Working under Nancy’s guidance and learning to do the actor’s “homework”, I began to see how much I was learning to be self sufficient on multi levels. The approach to the “work”, taught by Nancy, allows me to be as detailed as I want (as an actor) in approaching any given piece of a written script. I never found this approach in any other class I’ve taken. I always thought I needed several different classes to make me grow as an actor such as improv, script analysis, movement, dialects and even private coaching. In fact, I just needed this one class, First Take.

Another amazingly unusual thing about First Take, is the group of ordinary people who walk together in this journey. We all choose to be apart of this business; this is our work of choice. You’ll meet the most hard working and diverse pool of dedicated actors here at First Take. People here are true friends at heart and have created a wonderful support network.

Looking back, my first experience as a student at First Take, was overwhelming. Coming in, I thought I knew a bit about acting, when in fact I barely had an understanding of the “work” process of acting. It took quite a while and a dedication to myself to really try to figure what this was all about. Week after week, I felt like an observer rather than a participant. Oftens times, I would watch, in amazement, other students’ “work” with careful guidance from Nancy and her what-sounds-to-be-easy method of acting. Proving that doing your “homework” really does work. I’ve been a student for a bit over 3 years, now. Don’t let that fool you, because this class is repetitively difficult for all who are in it. I am constantly reminded to be challenged and work hard.”

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