Kids Acting Classes

First Take Acting is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but you can access our classes from ANYWHERE since all our classes are online!

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Our acting classes are a place where kids can grow in skill and confidence, where they will be supported and encouraged to express themselves and let their awesome, unique and special gifts and personalities shine!

Kids learn the fundamentals in acting for film and television, how to read scripts from real Hollywood produced television shows and feature films, how to prepare for auditioning, and play some great acting games all the while learning to take direction and have fun at the same time! Our acting technique not only prepares kids for the film/TV world, but also helps them grow in life skills, relationship skills, and self-confidence.

First Take is the #1 acting school in the Bay Area. We’ve helped hundreds of people realize their dreams of being working actors, and we are passionate about making our classes exciting and full of creativity and fostering a true love for the craft of acting. We truly believe anyone who puts in the work can be a working actor, and we work hard to help our students reach their fullest potential. For kids ages 5-10 (younger kids could fit this class if they are very mature). Kids 11+ can go to the teen/adult classes.

Price: $350 for 8 week session

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Kids Class – Location: Online – Time: Saturdays (2-3:30pm), Taught By: Danny Lai



Trisha Bollapragada

“I joined First Take acting school when I was 10. Acting has been my passion and my mom was looking for an acting school that would coach young kids. We are so glad that we chose First Take for acting lessons. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. We were able to quickly register and start classes. Everyone is very accommodating and flexible. Due to my school and extracurricular activities I had to reschedule my classes to different days. My coach Danny Lai is the most wonderful, kind and accommodating teacher. He let me switch the days midway through the sessions as I had a conflict with my robotics classes.

Even though I was the youngest in the class, I felt very comfortable with rest of the group. Our scenes were sent well ahead of the time so that I could prepare. Initially, I was pretty new to all this but my teacher Danny is very patient, and worked with me until I got up to speed.

The most important thing to me is that First Take and my Coach believe in me. There were times when my mom hesitated but Danny spoke with her and convinced her that I have the talent and I need time. I am glad we listened to Danny and kept up with classes. Two years into taking classes I recently got selected by Los Angeles based agent Denny Sevier from The House of Representatives, a talent agency. I am very excited about this!!!. I give full credit to First Take acting school for this accomplishment. They are flexible and accommodating. The coaches are excellent, patient, and persistent. I know it is hard to work with children and especially with fresh talent, but First Take made it work . I am very thankful to First Take and I highly recommend the school for anyone who is just starting or who wants to improve on their acting skills.

Thank You“

Alby Ungashe

Alby Ungashe

“Being a part of the First Take community for the past 4 years has been such a blessing. I have leaned so much from Nancy. She has an amazingly keen eye for this craft, and knows just what to do to help us do our best. The environment that has been created here is so welcoming and inspiring. I have received such a huge support system from the other actors and I am constantly inspired by the works of all our actors. First Take is such a safe place to grow and really work on your craft. I started, attending classes when I was 12, and I never felt intimidated, because no one ever made me feel that way. Nancy is so caring and looks out for each and every actor, and that kindness really rubs off on the rest of us! I have learned so much about both the art and business of acting. Words can not express how happy I am to have found such an amazing place that never fails to teach, push, and inspire me each and every day. “

Joelle Jacoby



Joelle Jacoby

“Nancy has helped me grow as an actress and understand the professional world more. That’s a big deal to me, as I’m going through my teenage angst years. Nancy has helped me make connections to my characters to make it more real for me and for everyone watching. Thanks to Nancy, I have now started a career in what I like to do most–act!”



cross Twins

Testimonial for Elizabeth and Katherine by Liza

“Nancy is one of the most gifted teachers I’ve had the privilege to work with. I’m not an actor myself but my daughters are, and watching how Nancy and the First Take instructors work with their students is amazing. Their perceptiveness, intelligence and focus is remarkable. Most importantly, especially for kids, they instruct and guide with warmth, humor and sensitivity, creating a safe environment in which students feel OK if they try and fail – a key requirement for any creative endeavor. The instructors’ talent, dedication, and genuine love of the acting process creates an ideal learning environment for their students.”


Kathy and Dana Khodi

“I have two different perspectives of First Take Acting and Nancy Berwid.
First, is as a student. The second, is as a parent of a child in Nancy’s First Take program.

First my experience as a student I must say it has been amazing!!! I originally was just looking for a class for my daughter, but after I sat in on the class I decided I wanted in on the fun! Now, coming from no experience in acting whatsoever has been challenging, but Nancy’s method and skills that she teaches you give you clear guidelines and boundaries on how to develop the skills needed to be a “working actor.” She trains you to experience and articulate the scenes in your view, being yourself having that experience.

Amazing, sounds easy enough right….well far from it. Nancy’s talent and clarity at seeing whether you have put in enough work into your scenes or not is beyond words. Second, as a parent evaluating a program, I was not only looking for a great Coach and mentor but also one that would be able to develop my child’s confidence, self esteem as well as talent.

Wow! I have got all that I have asked for and more! The nourishing, comforting, loving, camaraderie as well as the challenging environment that Nancy embodies among her students, or I should say family of classes is unimaginable until experienced!

Now having a very reputable manager for both my daughter and I, and a very reputable Los Angeles Agency representing my daughter, I know that we are on the right track and all thanks to Nancy and the First Take Method as well as our First Take family!”

– Kathy Khodi

“First Take has been an AMAZING experience. It is a great way to start my acting career. If it wasn’t for Nancy I wouldn’t have gotten my first job at the age of 12.

Nancy and everyone in the class is very friendly and loving. I always have fun when I’m doing my scene or 5 and under. After I finish a scene or 5 and under I feel proud and accomplished, which is the best feeling to have for me! Nancy gives you the best advice on how to make the scene more real for you and that, “YOU ARE ENOUGH,” It’s awesome how Nancy tells you how to improve your work truthfully and really nice at the same time.

First Take has been the best choice of acting class so far! Having a great manager and Los Angeles Agency representing me I know that I am in good hands! Thank you Nancy! Thank you First Take!”

– Dana Khodi
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