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Roshni Shukla

– Chain Letter

– Friends with Benefits
– Outsourced

Roshni Shukla (IMDB)

Nancy focuses on the most important and difficult aspect of acting, the process. She is able to describe the complex art in more simplistic terms without expelling its beauty. By clearly articulating an effective method Nancy has been able to get me closer to understanding an intricate process. She has an amazing eye and can detect a person’s innermost self. After getting to know each individual in class she uses what she knows of them and relates it to the work they produce.

She is devoted to ensuring that every student attempts to use their unique personalities to enhance their work. I have always been a person who appreciates a good challenge, and in Nancy’s class I am faced with them in every scene. After taking Nancy’s class I have gained a deeper more profound knowledge and appreciation for acting. I recommend this class for anyone who does not shy away from hard work, and admires fine acting.